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Hated, Despised Rubbish, or HDR for short…..

HDR photographs are EVERYWHERE. Everyone is doing them and although there are (apparently) good examples and even more bad examples, all of them are going to get very dated, very quickly. Is exposing every part of the picture so we can see into the shadows such a good thing really? What about the subtleties of light … Continue reading

Light Field Cameras – Product Review

Originally posted on PhotoBotos.com:
 . Light Field Cameras – Product Review If you haven’t already, you should stop by The Positive Page and say hi to Karina.  She is an avid photographer and weekly challenge expert.  Apparently, she also knows how to make a killer maragrita!  We were especially impressed with her article Could this be the end…

Errol Morris – The Nature of Truth, Art and Propaganda in Photography

An interesting video in which acclaimed documentary filmmaker Errol Morris (the artist who directed The Fog of War) talks about the issue of truth in photography, and how he thinks we’ve forgotten that there’s a connection between photos to the physical world. Photographs are neither truth nor false. Talking about the truth or falsit of a photograph is nonsense … Continue reading

The Fabulous Photography of Jeff Bridges

Life Force magazine is a free online, monthly reportage magazine which celebrates the art-form of the photo-essay. It has been described as the “Picture Post of the 21st Century” – a photo-led magazine that explores the world and the human condition through the narrative use of photography. This month’s magazine has contributions by Jeff Bridges and Larry Fink … Continue reading